Monday, June 15, 2009

JRL in Iowa City, Tuesday night the 16th!

At the risk of squelching Rhian's excellent post (please keep commenting on it!), I would like to remind our readers that tomorrow night (that is, Tuesday June 16, 7pm) is your last chance to catch the J. Robert Lennon variety show this year. I am reading from the two new books at Prairie Lights in Iowa city, IA.

Last time I read here was...September 11, 2001. Ask me to tell you all about it sometime. Hope to see some of you tomorrow...I'll be reading a bit from Pieces and a bit from Castle, and probably going out for drinks afterward. Come out, have a listen, and tip back a few with me.


rmellis said...

On 9-11-2001, I talked to you on the phone right before you got on the plane. Then I hung up, made the bed, fiddled around, and went downstairs and turned on the radio.


Anonymous said...

The clerks at the United desk were was very sad...

TJ said...

Wahoo! (Not about 9/11, about Prairie Lights.) I'll be there. Thanks for the tip. I'd have been sore to miss you.

Anonymous said...

Great, thanks Trevor! Be sure to introduce yourself. And bring a posse; you'll need reinforcements to endure my full-on literary fusillade.

Anonymous said...

Hey, my great thanks to all attendees--that was perhaps the best book tour event I've ever had. great crowd, great questions, and special thanks to Creekside review Trevor for coming by. A great way to wrap up the tour!

TJ said...

I really enjoyed it, JR. Sorry to bug out so quickly, but I wanted to make it home to see my kid off to bed.

What a stroke of luck to have all those kids there. They had great questions and your responses were funny and really encouraging. Their enthusiasm was pretty infectious.

Really a terrific reading. Hope it could wash away the experience of your last Iowa City visit. Make your next stop sooner than 8 years from now. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

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