Monday, September 3, 2007

For Writers Who Need Ideas

Must be the end of the summer or something, but I feel about as inspired as an old sock. If you, too, need some new ideas, here are a few small goldmines of material:

The BBC asks people to talk about their unusual jobs

ListAfterList's list of some of the world's missing people

The endlessly fascinating Weird New Jersey

Room- and office-mate dysfunction at

How about culture-specific diseases?

CrimeLibrary, of course

Notes and ephemera at FOUND magazine

Hey, I'm thinking W6 needs some kind of a Writing Challenge. Any ideas? I'm clean out.

1 comment:

the individual voice said...

There are such things as Writing Challenges too? Not just Reading Challenges? Oh, my God! It never even occurred to me that I'd have to make time for those as well. Gulp.