Thursday, October 25, 2007

Writers' Rooms

All right, this is the kind of writer-porn I officially disapprove of, but I admit that this collection of pictures of writers' work rooms on The Guardian Book page is somewhat fascinating (scroll down, in the bar on the right). I think John Mortimer's is the only room I could get any work done in:
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See that little liquor shelf under the window? Quite an innovation. I also like all the postcards and goodies to look at, the brass desklamp, and the nice solid wooden desk.

Here's Seamus Heaney's. A bit chilly, don't you think? Though I love the book stacks on the left:

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I'd have trouble working at Nicola Barker's place. I'd keep wondering how much I could get for all those knick-knacks on eBay:

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I don't know Barker's work at all, but I'd guess that it's rather baroque.

I like a smallish room, I like to face a window, I like a heavy desk. I wonder if I'm trying to recreate my childhood bedroom, or maybe my college dorm room? A good room should allow your mind to leave it.

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the individual voice said...

These are fascinating. I agree the first is home. I can't figure out how anyone can stand sitting in Barker's church pew/torture chamber chair. Let me know which of you is doing the NaNoWriMo. Me, too.