Friday, February 15, 2008

Six-Word Memoirs

Just a quickie here, to launch you into your weekend of literary shenanigans. Via BoingBoing, we learn of this new book of six-word memoirs, Not Quite What I Was Planning. A sample:

Kentucky trash heap yields unexpected flower. -- John Kurtz
Changing mind postponed demise by decades. -- Scott O'Neil
Despite disorders, jafroed jewboy gets girl. -- Michael Eisner
Didn't pull out. Downhill from there. -- Roger Daubach
Thought I would have more impact. -- Kevin Clark
Yes, you can edit my biography. -- Jimmy Wales
Must remember: people, gadgets. That order. -- Brian Lam

Now I will take a deep breath, overcome my sorrow at not being invited to the party, and offer up "Lower sales, fewer New York friends." Anyone?


ed said...

Chose poetry over math.

Monketah said...

I'm a late bloomer, so here goes: "All was lost until age fifty."

Anonymous said...

Ha haa awesome!

Skoog, btw, I was just today playing that song I wrote around your poem "The Lions of Canarsie"...I'm the musical entertainment for a grad student reading next month....I think I'll play it there.

How was the Massachusetts event?

monketah, thanks for stopping by...and I hope I'm singing the same tune...

Anonymous said...

Too many blogs. Didn't write today.

myles said...

Learnt to love the difficult pleasures

Mr. Saflo said...

Made a Blog, Got the Chicks

jeff said...

Paraphrasing Philip Roth:

"As though in her presence, hope."

Writer, Rejected said...

"Alas, I am my own creation"