Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A donation, in honor of President Obama, and of Max / Paul Burga / "Anonymous"

Inspired by the comments of the last post, and in light of today's historic national events, I have just donated $50 to the Children's Defense Fund. In CDF's own words,

The Children's Defense Fund (CDF) is a non-profit child advocacy organization that has worked relentlessly for 35 years to ensure a level playing field for all children. We champion policies and programs that lift children out of poverty; protect them from abuse and neglect; and ensure their access to health care, quality education, and a moral and spiritual foundation. Supported by foundation and corporate grants and individual donations, CDF advocates nationwide on behalf of children to ensure children are always a priority.

I have made this donation in honor of our blog's most prolific and impassioned commenter. To wit:

This donation is being sent in honor of literary critic and internet gadfly Paul Burga, aka Max, aka anonymous, on the occasion of President Obama's inaugural call for national service and citizen action.

J. Robert Lennon

I encourage you all to donate to the literary or educational charity of your choice, in Max / Paul Burga / anonymous's name, and I want to take this opportunity to thank Max for providing us with such lively literary discussions.

Happy Inauguration Day!


the other guy said...

In honor of Paul Burga, I'm making a donation of $30 to NARSAD, the world's leading charity dedicated to mental health research, hoping that they can help all those Paul Burgas out there.

Alicia said...

I was going to put this link under the Lolita post, but I think it suits this post better.


Alicia said...

aw man, it got cut off.


"I saw the best minds of my generation..." by Ta-Nehisi Coates

Anonymous said...

The first link worked for me!

That's a nice little essay, and I must say, the solution to class inequality is not to go around whining that Ivy Leaguers are elitist snobs. The solution is to make sure everybody else gets as good a college education as they do.

It is nice to have a President who wants that, for a change.

Anonymous said...

This one is your low point, jr.
I'm commenting as Anonymous. "The other guy" and "Alicia" could be anybody. Don't we all have the right to be anonymous? Do you give us that option? Or not?
Have you ever posted anywhere as Anonymous?
I have a blog where I have comment moderation. At least I'm up front about it.
I looked at the Lolita post and found comments that you (and Rhian) obviously didn't like. Is that Anonymous Max? Is his disagreeement with your views the reason for this post?
There's more going on than meets the eye (though I really don't want to hear the back story).
Has he commented since? Or did you succeed in driving him off? I hope you have. I think you two bring out the worst in each other.
And then you use Obama and a charitable gift as a sort of front. Just not right -- that's what I thought when I first saw this post, and I needed to tell you so.

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