Monday, November 1, 2010

I Love This Blog

No, not this one, that one.  Those of you whose minds are always in the gutter, which is to say probably all of you, will dig it.

This reminds me of one of my favorite dirty-mind stories...when the kids were little they had one of those Winnie-The-Pooh travesty Disney spinoff books with the strip of sound effects down the side, and when you pressed the Tigger button you heard Tigger say, "THAT is what Tiggers do best!"

But at one point we realized it sounded like it was saying "FUCK is what Tiggers do best!"  And after that, it was impossible to un-hear it.  Imagine sitting around with one's parents hearing this phrase over and over, nodding and grinning as though nothing untoward is going on.


rmellis said...

Thank god my grandmother is dead and not reading what our blog has become.

Anonymous said...

Aw, you know she was pervy enough to appreciate it.

(Note: iPad wanted to correct that to "perky." As, doubtless, your grandmother would have, too.)

Hope said...

Hah! Love that Tigger. It kind of fits with the character, right?
When my kids were in their early teens, we used to "change" books to include naughty words. There was one where the main character kept saying "Beans" and we substituted "Shit." We would crack ourselves up. One day they augmented a children's book all on their own, taping over certain printed words and writing on the tape. I still laugh thinking about it. I'm probably not a fit parent.But it was fun and they haven't grown up to become ax murderers or drug addicts.

Anonymous said...

One would indeed assume Tigger to be quite the horndog.

MarkRader said...

john, had to share this...i'm working for a company that makes the sort of sound button books you're talking about. big problem with one of them a few years back. oopsies!

p.s. love this--your--blog.