Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Short Fiction in Serial

You may not have heard of Dave Daley, but a lot of writers know him as The Guy Who Can Get Writers To Do Anything. He's a freelance editor of sorts, and is responsible for the writing a story in twenty minutes thing, and the "Tag-Team" stories that ran a couple years back in the (White Plains, NY) Journal-News.

His latest project is a short-fiction-serialization project called Five Chapters. Every week he publishes a new story over five days. So far there have been a ton of contributors, including Thisbe Nissen, Vendela Vida, Aimee Bender, Jennifer Egan, and me. Everything's archived, in case you missed it.

So how does he work that magic on the scribblers of the world? By inventing challenges any writer worth his salt would feel like a fool for resisting. I wouldn't mind a literary scene populated by more inventive editors like Dave, who like to push writers out of their comfort zones--and I'm looking forward to receiving his next directive.

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