Friday, February 9, 2007

Jenny Diski: Jowls Are Available

I've never read her books, but I think I love Jenny Diski after reading her description of trolling around Second Life in the latest London Review of Books (click here). She got the title from the fact that when users create their avatars, they can choose from a menu of attributes that includes wrinkles and jowls. But apparently everyone chooses big boobs/muscles and Angelina Jolie lips instead. The idea of Second Life intrigues me a great deal, but the fact is, the very best things about the Real World (grand pianos, maple trees, wine, kisses) are the exact things that Second Life excludes.

Diski also has a blog and a bunch of novels and memoirs that I'm going to be ordering from the bookstore tomorrow. It appears she published her first book when she was around forty, and then a book every year or two after that, which I find very encouraging.

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