Thursday, April 5, 2007

Audio Podcast: Emily Rosko

Rhian's right, Ward Six is indeed tired. The self-storage warehouse is giving us some highly amusing short story ideas, though. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, I just posted an interview with poet Emily Rosko. She was born in Pennsylvania, grew up in the Midwest, and later taught English in Siberia. A recipient of the Stegner, Ruth Lilly, and Javits fellowships, she holds degrees from Cornell and Purdue universities. Her poems have appeared in journals such as Another Chicago Magazine, The Beloit Poetry Journal, and Denver Quarterly, and her new book is Raw Goods Inventory. We talked about her book and how it came together, the efficacy of creative writing programs, how what's not in a poem is as important as what is, and people who talk too much. Check it out at the Writers At Cornell blog.

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