Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Hope you're all having a nice Thanksgiving. Two small changes to the site: I took down the NaNoWriMo banner. I admit defeat! I can't yet explain my sudden and complete lack of interest in following through this year, but there you are.

And I added a Kiva banner, for now anyway. This is a great way -- I think -- to help out small businesses around the world. Microlenders get the interest (rather exorbitant by our standards, yet reasonable compared to what the borrowers would have to pay to a neighborhood loan shark) and you get your money back in a year or so. Anyway, it's fascinating to read about small farmers in Peru and butchers in Nigeria and cafe owners in Azerbaijan, and hard not to donate to them. Not book related at all, so I might not keep it up for long, but I thought it appropriate for Thanksgiving.

Bon appetit!


Pete said...

I just found out about Kiva myself, after having admired the microfinance concept for some time now. I love the idea of being able to decide which worthy borrower gets your money - and that's not just the commercial banker in me talking.

TIV: the individual voice said...

Where's the banner? I don't see it? Why am I always the last to know? It sounds fabulous. Of course it's book-related. It's good deeds. I want a banner. Let me see yours first.

rmellis said...

Hi TIV: It's a little bit down on the left -- you have to scroll down!