Friday, November 2, 2007

NaNoWriMo: Bad Start!

Things came up, as of course they do, (among them an elections thing, since I'm an elections inspector, and the newsletter for my job) and so I didn't get to my desk until I was good and worn out. Then I couldn't decide what to do, every idea was fraught with pitfalls that could derail the project after a week, so I decided to try a sequel to last year's novel. But after a couple paragraphs, I realized that if my main character wrote a novel based on one of my ideas, I could write that novel-within-a-novel as long as I could, and then just revert back to the sequel if I ran out of gas. Perfect solution!

So I got about three pages done, nowhere near the minimum, and today I had to take a kid to the doctor for the world's LOUDEST cough, so there went my daytime hours.

And the NaNoWriMo website has been so busy I couldn't log my pages.

In better news: our chickens finally produced an egg. (Note the tell-tale red feather in the corner: one of the Rhode Island Reds, Rosalyn Carter, was the culprit.)

It was small but delicious. If only I could produce a similarly small, but delicious, novel.

I'm curious about other people's first day of NaNoWriMo... did it happen for you?


Mr. Inertia said...

I was scared for a second. I thought you were going to say "If only I could produce a similarly small, but delicious, egg."

Do you remember the Chicken Lady from Kids in the Hall?

Anonymous said...

All I remember at the moment is Mississippi Gary. "She's a meeeeeeean mistreater!"

Mr. Inertia said...

I remember something like "Do you like that egg? It came from my own body!"