Sunday, January 23, 2011

A hodgepodge

There were all kinds of things I wanted to tell y'all about this weekend, in the form of web links.  So here they all are:

Pics and blogging from the Electric Literature reading the other night in New York.  Big thanks to Five Red Pandas and husband for coming!  EL5 is out now, with a story by me and more by other people.

Here's a new interview with Ed Skoog, our sporadic co-bloggist.

I sort of liked this James Ryerson piece in the Times Book Review, but if you cross your eyes just a little, it starts to sound like every let's-make-up-a-category-of-novel-then-analyze-it essay you've ever read.

The chords to Robert Pollard's "Tight Globes."  I have no idea what this song is about, but for some reason it gets me all choked up.

A terrific essay on Springsteen by Hope Jordan.  Do you have to be her facebook friend to see it?  I hope not, it should be public.  Anyway, everyone should be her friend, too.

Via the great HTMLGIANT, a largely visual blog called Writers No One Reads.

And from the same place, a nice Kyle Minor piece on the sentences of Vladimir Nabokov, which of course were also very, very nice.

Some interesting thoughts about Diane Arbus and Sylvia Plath on Montevidayo.

You can never re-read 27b/6 too many times.

Patton Oswalt goes to town on Geek Culture, and then Ed Champion reacts with the most words any human being will ever write about the new movie The Green Hornet.  Also, Oswalt decided to make his 2000th tweet something really special.

W6 friend Rana Dasgupta has a new book out, and it looks great.  Go listen to him on his US tour.

Finally, we are having some killer readings at Cornell this spring, which means some interesting new interviews, I hope, on the podcast blog.  For some reason the schedule has not yet been posted, but look forward to Stewart O'Nan, Nicholson Baker, Laura Furman, Peter Balakian, and Margaret Atwood.  (I think I'm leaving somebody out.)


zoe said...

I'll never get any work done at this rate. But more importantly, are you interviewing Margaret Atwood?

Anonymous said...

I sure as hell hope so! We'll see what her schedule looks like...

k. said...

Thanks for posting these. I really enjoyed Oswald and Ed'd pieces. I particularly enjoyed reading the comments on Ed's post where someone tries to defend Werner Earhart. Funny stuff.